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Hayley's Highlights

LMS Login Safety & Efficiency 

  • Mitigated risk at Vitamix in the first six months of employment by changing login to the LMS from social security information to email and  unique passwords for 350 users.

  • Worked with a programmer from SumTotal (LMS) and HRIS Specialist.

  • Led and executed a plan to ensure user login success.

  • Created login efficiency to the LMS by allowing users to bypass login through a single sign-on with a specialized link.

  • Worked with a Business Analyst from Vitamix and a SumTotal programmer to integrate an active directory for single sign-on authentication with the Vitamix VPN.

  • We did testing through our sandbox to ensure user login success. There was a communication plan to around 350 users.

What Technology for Virtual Events? 

  • Researched many software platforms like Zoom, Adobe Connect, WebEx, ON24, etc. to find what works best for any given virtual training event. 

  • After researching, I onboarded all users to the new software, including learners, facilitators, and my team of Virtual Learning Producers. 

  • To learn more about my research, click here

Improving Client Experience 

  • Collaborated with ERC Professional Development and Finance team to streamline all processes, including:

    • financial processes

    • materials and assessment

    • client program evaluation

    • Learning Management System

  •   Worked diligently to eliminate waste and ensure success for delivery of training, consulting, and coaching events for 50-70 clients on a monthly basis. 

Implementation of New LMS Software

  • Helped lead the implementation of a new LMS that benefits thousands of learners to gain better knowledge of training.

  • This included finding the most appropriate LMS that can integrate with other software systems like HubSpot CRM and QuickBooks 

  • Created documentation to up-train learners and trainers on how to use the system.

Saving Cash on Technical Training 

  • Saved Vitamix $90-100K by bringing awareness to the Ohio Tech Cred Program within a year.

  • Managed that program to be reimbursed by the State of Ohio for technical training classes.

Liaison Between IT, HR, and Users 

  • Served as a liaison at Vitamix between the Learning & Development team and the IT department to help troubleshoot solutions and find the right technology for the company.

  • While at ERC, I worked with IT departments of many different companies to ensure technology success with ERC LMS and virtual event software like Zoom, WebEx, etc. 

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